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I began making my own 3D lenticulars with the help of software co-created by my friend Raleigh Southern. He runs the lenticular photo business 3D CHEEZE. These are samples of my illustrations, layered in Photoshop and created online as animated GIFs, and in real life as three dimensional lenticular lenses. At least one of my lenses is on display at all times at LA LUZ DE JESUS GALLERY and IRISPHERE GALLERY in Los Angeles. Custom lenses are available on request. CLICK IMAGES BELOW TO SEE THEM LARGER.
M94 Emoji Galaxy
Mascot Mandala
Meme Mandala 2
42 Blacklight Lenses

Meme Mandala 1

Milky Way Of Milky Way
Krampus Claus
Saturn of Saturns


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