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• Baby daughter Sydney Hallis born October 8, 2018!
Doctor Strange collection was on display at Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton from Thursday August 2nd to Sunday August 26th.
The Beast From 69,000 Fanthoms was on display at the Sexy Beast group art show at The Hive Gallery in August.
• New artwork completed this year: Pokememoji Galaxy, Summoning, Cubiroth, Kongdala, Polytope, and Manifold.
Koi Division 2018 Fishdance Northwest tour posters and photos can be found here
Tendrils of Nothingness Archive of Torment Vol. 1 released.
• Howard hosts karaoke on Wednesdays at Totally 80s Bar in Fullerton and Thursdays and Fridays at New Wave Bar in Bellflower.
• Work on The Picture Of Everything expansion continues.

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