Howard Hallis

Baby Hallis

Sam and I were married in 2015. We met at Ground Control Karaoke back in 2011. She works as a scientist at a public health lab and got her PHD from UCLA in Environmental Health Sciences. She's also a DJ specializing in new wave music and a musician in numerous bands. She's also a great cook, loves her cats Nacho and Pele, and enjoys taking photos with Sports Mascots.

Sam and Howard portrait
Sam plays keyboard in the oceancore band Bitchin Seahorse:
Bitchin Seahorse

The Sam Abraham Lego Set:
Sam Abraham Lego 1
Sam Abraham Lego 2

Sam plays vibraphone for the band Red Pony Clock and can be seen in their video "Image Is Nothing (Thirst Is Everything)"
Red Pony Clock
Sam runs a Tumblr page where she posts her photos with various sports mascots entitled "F-Yeah Mascots!"
Our cats Nacho and Pele:
Nacho and Pele
At our wedding (August 15, 2015)
Bruin Bears at our wedding
At The 3 Clubs in 2013
Sam and Howard